Queer travelers with different backgrounds exploring the country together.

Sharing wine, food, experiences with the people we meet along the way.

It all started as a joke… Now here we are, on the road!

They said ‘Buy a house’.

We bought one on wheels.

We are Leo, Nikki, and Sweeti, and we live in a 36-foot class A RV that we call ‘Betty’ full-time. We didn’t think it was really possible for us, but the idea kept coming back up. As friends bought houses and settled down, we didn’t have that same feeling. Mainly because of where? We live in such a large country; who says that New York would feel more like home than Tennessee or Oregon if we haven’t had a chance to see it? This was the answer for us, a home that travels with us as we find, maybe, that particular place.

Until then, we hope you join us on the road as we explore some of the smaller, less spotlighted communities and introducing you to the people we meet along the way. During our travels, we will be searching for good wine, food, and LGBTQAI+ company.



Spotlight the good in America

In an age where the bad can often be spotlighted far more than the good, we are here to do the latter. As we explore areas we have never been and visit places dear to us, we want to shine a light on the good in the U.S.A.

Share resources and tips around RVing

Traveling in an RV isn’t always the easiest thing to do. We would like to help those that are thinking about it and those that are on the road with us with little tricks, tips, and resources that we find handy.

Scout the natural wine scene in the country

Over the last few years we have fallen in love with the natural wine world. As we venture across the country we are on the search for the natural wine bars, shops, and vineyards. Where there’s good wine there’s good people.

Show other LGBTQAI+ that they belong

Cities aren’t the only place members of the LGBTQAI+ community belong but we also know that some places aren’t as welcoming. It may be uncomfortable, but we deserve to see and experience this country too.


Everyone has biases. We are working on ours by visiting places and meeting people that are a little out of our comfort zone. Hopefully through these interactions we can change the way we feel about them and, hopefully, the way they feel about us.

In order to succeed, we need equal rights for all.

We all have biases and must challenge them.

Representation matters, and we must seek it.

Change happens when we care and do the work.


We love to work with brands whose products we love and share our values! If you think that you would be a good fit for us please reach out to collaborations[at]thervbois.com and we can chat about collaboration opportunities like sponsored web stories or blog posts, sponsored Tiktok or Youtube Videos, and more!